Why Choose Sage Thrive?

Family Therapy

For those of us working in school settings, it’s harder than ever to navigate the complex and growing need for readily available student mental health treatment. We are seeing a continual rise in anxiety, depression, school refusal, suicide, and other student mental health issues.

In light of today’s comprehensive therapeutic school initiatives, parents, teachers, and community stakeholders increasingly expect school professionals to take the lead in addressing these mental health issues with school-based therapeutic services.

Sage Thrive partners directly with your school to provide in-district counseling services, including individual, family, and group counseling to students who are struggling. We also provide training and workshops to continuously expand the resources available to your students and your staff.

Sage Thrive Offers Immediate In-District Therapeutic Solutions

Our comprehensive solutions can provide immediate support and crisis intervention. No matter what the current state of your in-district therapeutic services, our experts will identify the most effective support and guide leadership and staff toward immediate improvement.

Research shows that students with access to school-based mental health counseling achieve greater academic success.1 Creating a safe and empowering environment where participants readily discuss and report safety concerns benefits all students and staff, and fosters a culture of understanding and compassion.

Sage Thrive provides a broad array of services to increase your school’s ability to retain students in-district and provide services in the least restrictive environment. Your comprehensive therapeutic school program might include:

Group, Family, and Individual Counseling

These services help at-risk students receive daily or weekly therapy in the school setting for issues like impulse control or substance abuse. Evening family therapy sessions can complete the circle of support.

Crisis Counseling

Our immediate response teams provide on-site, unified response services to protect student health and identify those in need of additional counseling or attention as the result of a crisis.

Support and Consultation

Our skilled clinicians work with you and your staff to develop customized action plans and early interventions utilizing home visits, classroom observation, risk assessments, clear documentation, and clinical reporting.

In-Service Presentations

Our professional in-service presentations guide and empower your staff to deal with safety situations with confidence. Educational events offer deeper insight into the mental health concerns of children and adolescents.

Sage Thrive Delivers Measurable Results

Objective measurement and timely reporting are the tools that allow your organization to evaluate existing services, plan for efficiency improvement, and share transparent reporting to district leadership, parents, and community leaders.

Sage Thrive’s in-district services reduce out-of-district placements, allowing 97.7% of your students who receive counseling to avoid changing schools. Our partner districts save approximately $250,000 a year per Sage Certified Clinician™, for an average savings of $500,000 per district, per year.

 Sage Thrive Services Integrate Seamlessly

Our depth of experience stems from 20 years of therapeutic schooling for adolescents through the Sage Day Schools. This expertise can guide your district’s school-based counseling and offer both cost and wellness benefits for all involved.

When your district partners with us, together we provide a wide safety net of support, empower staff to educate in a safe and productive environment. We also inspire and include parents in the process, and affect positive outcomes for our students.

To find out more about partnering with Sage Thrive, call or contact our team today!


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