Why Choose Sage Thrive?

For those of us working in school settings, it’s harder than ever to navigate the complex and growing need for readily available student mental health treatment. We are seeing a continuous rise in anxiety, depression, school refusal, suicide, and other student mental health issues.

In the midst of today’s comprehensive therapeutic school initiatives, parents, teachers, and community stakeholders increasingly expect school professionals to take the lead in addressing these mental health issues with school-based therapeutic services.

Sage Thrive partners directly with your school to provide in-district counseling services, including individual, family, and group counseling to students who are struggling. We also provide training and workshops to continuously expand the resources available to your students and your staff.

We Deliver Measurable Results

Once our services are implemented, our Sage Certified Clinicians™ build strong relationships with students, families and the school. Students will feel safer, healthier and happier within their school community.

Average student caseload per clinician
Of students receiving counseling have been retained in-district
Average district net savings per year
Total number of students retained in-district
Total number of students in Sage Thrive

Students and Districts Will Thrive

  • We identify, understand, and proactively address issues through individual, group, and family counseling as well as crisis sessions and risk assessment screenings.
    • Significant risk reduction by minimizing student deterioration and decompensation
    • Nimble response to and de-escalation of crises
  • Early intervention resulting in improved academics, increased attendance, and decreased behavioral incidents.
    • Successful academic, social, and emotional functioning
  • Cost-effective means to reduce out-of-district placements and maintain students in LRE.
  • Creation of small, customized settings to support the integration of academics and social-emotional learning.