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The Benefits of Embedded Therapeutic Services

Adolescents spend more time in school than in any other structured environment. When mental health challenges arise, having access to embedded therapeutic services in that environment allows students to continue to receive the social, behavioral, and relationship benefits of remaining in-district.

The opportunity to participate in school plays a key role in the development of peer relationships, social skills, behavioral expectations, and personal awareness. Some students need a greater level of day-to-day support and school-based services. These individuals may benefit from placement in an embedded therapeutic program.

The Benefits of Embedded Therapeutic Services for Adolescents

For many students who need therapeutic support or counseling in school, embedded services from a partner provider like Sage Thrive offer these benefits:

  • Access to comprehensive and challenging academics
  • A unified treatment approach with Teacher/Therapist collaboration
  • The ability to remain and thrive at the center of student life
  • Support from a positive school climate and culture
  • Guided and safe socialization opportunities
  • Personalized education and behavioral health counseling
  • An intensive therapeutic milieu with individual, group, and family engagement
  • An opportunity to make and maintain friendships in the same geographic area
  • Learning new skills to effectively engage in a diverse educational environment while immersed in it
  • Enjoying the least restrictive learning environment with the right amount of support
  • Accessing therapeutic resources in comfortable and familiar surroundings

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Embedded Services Offer Benefits to School Districts

By partnering to provide embedded supports, school districts can offer more than school-based counseling services. Just some of the advantages for districts include:

  • Reduces or eliminates the need to hire clinical supervisors or specialists
  • Opens the door to vast resources and knowledge gained from therapeutic schools
  • Provides access to pre-service and in-service workshops for staff continuing education
  • Maintains a healthy social and economic diversity within the student body
  • Improves mental health awareness for staff and students alike
  • Supports a school culture of acceptance and mutual support
  • Enhances the reputation of the school district for focusing on student quality of life

The Role of Educators in Student Mental Health

The most common psychiatric disorders in school-age youth are disruptive behavior, anxiety disorders, and depression.1 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorders can make it particularly difficult for some students to succeed without the focused support that is available through embedded therapeutic services or therapeutic schools.

Teachers, coaches, and school nurses who have received the right awareness training can be effective at identifying the warning signs of mental health issues and referring students to the in-school supports. Sage Thrive Clinicians work with your staff to ensure student wellness and academic success in the educational environment that best serves their unique needs.




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