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The Benefits of In-District Therapeutic Services

Simply Surviving or Truly Thriving? The Benefits of In-District Therapeutic Services

School-based mental health counseling creates a safe environment where students feel secure and empowered to discuss and report safety concerns. Studies show that students who have access to school-based therapeutic services even achieve greater academic success.1

One of the most cost-effective ways to provide in-district therapeutic services is to partner with a multi-faceted team like Sage Thrive that can offer early intervention and increase the number of students who are maintained in-district. A broad array of services will deliver the most compassionate and effective results in the least restrictive environment.

How Your Students Benefit

Early intervention by a school-based mental health counseling program can help students with anxiety, school avoidance, and emotional issues by providing support and guidance as well as access to the mental health resources students need to identify the root causes and find a resolution. Our in-school therapeutic supports are tangible, practical, and highly successful.

In the event of a crisis, our expert clinicians are immediately available to provide crisis counseling for all involved, while simultaneously identifying those students who may be experiencing more serious mental health issues brought to the surface by trauma.

How Parents and Guardians Benefit

Sage clinicians facilitate individual, parent-teacher, and family communication while serving as consultants to bridge the gaps between the student and their natural support systems. Engaging with parents to create comprehensive therapy plans and deal with disciplinary or social challenges closes the circle and advocates for meaningful, unified change.

How Your School District Benefits

Sage Thrive’s in-district therapeutic services will help reduce out-of-district placements, with 97.7% of students receiving counseling being retained in the district. This higher level of in-school care not only fosters a safer school environment, it provides significant cost savings as well.

With an average caseload of 12-15 students, school districts save approximately $500,000 per year while supporting more of their students in achieving academic and social success with a minimum of disruption and social stigma.

Our Broad Array of Services for Your District

In addition to providing school-based mental health counseling at the individual, group, and family level, Sage Thrive enhances your school district’s security and resource base with these offerings: 

  • Crisis Counseling. Our clinician will immediately respond to organize and execute a unified response with your administration to protect student health, provide counseling services, and help identify any students at greater risk due to the crisis.
  • Support and Consultation. Our expert clinicians work with you and your staff to preserve and enhance student wellness. Home visits, risk assessments, and clinical reporting are all part of the process.
  • Professional Development. Offering guidance on how to prepare for safety situations and insight into mental illness in children and adolescents, our in-service programs engage, inform, and inspire.
  • Classroom Observation. After observation, feedback is used to identify and facilitate classroom strategies for supporting student mental health.

Student considering in-school therapeutic services

Students Thrive with Sage Support

With 20 years of experience in the therapeutic schooling of adolescents, Sage Thrive brings that expertise and depth of knowledge to your district’s school-based therapeutic services. Considering the many wellness and cost benefits, as well as the research shows students are more likely to seek counseling when it is offered in their school,1 incorporating our services is a win for everyone involved.

 To find out more about the culture-transforming, cost-saving, and safety-enhancing benefits of our in-district therapeutic services, call now or contact us online today!



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