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The Sage Thrive resource center provides reliable information and expert advice on a variety of topics related to student mental health. Our clinical staff and management team are experts on both mental health and education, and we regularly share their knowledge in a variety of helpful formats.

Episode 12: Starting the Conversation About Race, Equality and Bias in Schools

Dealing with race, equality, and bias is a problem that continues to confound Americans, in large part because we are not even comfortable talking about it. So how do we talk to our students and to each other in ways that are constructive and productive? In this episode, Chris talks with LaCoyya Weathington, Assistant Superintendent for Compliance, Equity and Student Services at the Cherry Hill New Jersey Public School District with guidance on how to start the conversation.

Virtual Learning Tips: Using Video

Fun video assignments can help students get acquainted with each other and with you. Learn tips on how to use video to engage with students and to make a personal connection.

Virtual Counseling Tips

The key to connecting with students,  in person or virtually,  is building a strong rapport. This infographic shares ideas for games and activities that can be performed virtually (as well as in person).

Episode 11: Nancy Sulla on Engaging Students in a Hybrid Learning Environment

Although schools are trying to create safe in-person learning, most will start the year in a hybrid mix of in-person and remote learning. In this episode, Chris talks with Dr. Nancy Sulla, author of five books on creating student-driven, blended learning environments. Dr. Sulla’s instructional plan for transforming learning is giving teachers an entirely new way to build student engagement, empowerment, and efficacy.

Family Survival 101: Maintaining Routines for Kids

The fact is, children of all ages crave routine and knowing what to expect. Especially during the pandemic, when it seems like every aspect of our lives has been disrupted, it’s important to control what you can and maintain “normal” routines for kids whenever possible. Here is some helpful advice about how to do that.

Episode 10: Dealing With Grief

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought grief to the forefront, because nearly all of us are grieving right now. In this episode, Chris Leonard speaks with Christina Jelly and Jon Brandt, who both lost loved ones during the pandemic. Learn why the grieving process has become even more difficult during the pandemic, and how we can help ourselves as well as support others experiencing grief.

Are You Ready For The Mental Health Tsunami?

Experts are predicting a wave of mental health issues as a direct outcome of the trauma and uncertainty associated with COVID-19. In this video recording of our recent webinar, we explore how educators and parents can proactively address trauma, in themselves and their children, to minimize the long-term fallout from the pandemic crisis.

Family Survival 101: Fun for Active Kids

Without team sports, phys ed, and recess to release excess energy, many kids are literally climbing the walls at home. Here are some creative ways to use kinetic energy and practice large motor skills indoors when kids can’t play outside.

Practical Advice For Helping Students Learn At Home

Home schooling is difficult even for those who have chosen that path. But it’s so much harder for parents who have been forced into this role due to the pandemic. And for teachers who suddenly have to learn to teach remotely. And let’s not forget how tough this is on students. In this webinar, we offer practical tips to help parents and educators support students so they get the most benefit from learning at home.

Family Survival 101: Keeping Kids Happy Without TV

Here are some simple activities to avoid tantrums and outbursts and keep young kids occupied productively. They won’t even realize they are practicing their fine motor skills!

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