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The Sage Thrive resource center provides reliable information and expert advice on a variety of topics related to student mental health. Our clinical staff and management team are experts on both mental health and education, and we regularly share their knowledge in a variety of helpful formats.

Untangling The Web: How Social Media Affects Mental Health & How to Help

View a live recording of this webinar, focused on understanding the impacts of social media on young people, their challenges and skills needed to optimize their mental health, and best practices for mentoring youth through social media use.

Sage Thrive Services

Learn more about our Sage Thrive Services. Hear from those who have worked with us.

The Anxiety Epidemic & Teacher Burnout

In this episode, Chris Leonard talks with two experienced special ed teachers about how teachers can support the growing number of students with mental illness… and how school districts must support teachers.

Student Mental Health Services Comparison

Learn how School Counselors and Sage Clinicians compare in the areas of job responsibilities, credentials, resources, annual costs, and more in this side-by-side comparison graphic.

Strategies for Funding Student Mental Health Programs

In this episode, Chris Leonard talks with Pat Hovey, a leader and innovator among NJ Directors of Special Services. Chris and Pat discuss the process of obtaining funding for student mental health support, as well as funding sources.

Funding Student Mental Health Programs

You don’t have to sacrifice other programs to provide support for student mental health. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can take advantage of some funding sources you’re already familiar with to pay for student mental health programs. And we’ll share some funding sources you may not know about.

Navigating the Holidays: Supporting Students & Staff

In this episode, Chris Leonard talks with a former Director of Special Services on strategies for dealing with the heightened stress experienced by students, families, and staff during the holiday season and when transitioning back to school after the break. 

Supporting Trauma Informed School Communities Through Trauma Systems Therapy

Presentation led by Clinician, David Strauss to help support school districts on how to work with children who have experienced trauma.

Supporting Students In-District

Executive Director, John Reilly talks about the level of support Sage Thrive has been able to provide school districts across the state with their embedded therapeutic support.

Suicide Risk Assessment Screenings For Students

Executive Director, John Reilly talks about how important it is to screen a student before sending him or her to the emergency room which often is ineffective in treating the underlying emotional issue.

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