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The Sage Thrive resource center provides reliable information and expert advice on a variety of topics related to student mental health. Our clinical staff and management team are experts on both mental health and education, and we regularly share their knowledge in a variety of helpful formats.

Supporting Trauma Informed School Communities Through Trauma Systems Therapy

Presentation led by Clinician, David Strauss to help support school districts on how to work with children who have experienced trauma.

Supporting Students In-District

Executive Director, John Reilly talks about the level of support Sage Thrive has been able to provide school districts across the state with their embedded therapeutic support.

Suicide Risk Assessment Screenings For Students

Executive Director, John Reilly talks about how important it is to screen a student before sending him or her to the emergency room which often is ineffective in treating the underlying emotional issue.

Home Instruction Is Not Intended For Mental Health Issues

Sage Day Princeton Clinical Director, Jennifer Smith talks about the dangers of home instruction for students suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental issues. She encourages parents re-integrate students back into school life as soon as possible.

Early Signs Of School Refusal

In this video, Sage Thrive Executive Director, John Reilly talks about the early warning signs of school refusal behavior. He will outline some common mistakes people make in addressing school refusal and offer some guidance on how to support these students.

School Refusal: A Parent’s Perspective

Chris Leonard talks with a parent about the struggles her daughter faced with school avoidance and the intervention strategies that ultimately helped her daughter get back to school.

Proactive Mental Wellness: The Keystone of Your Strong School Community

It’s no secret that the student mental health crisis is growing. Get prepared to implement a proactive mental wellness program at your school with this informative guide.

Solving School Avoidance: Strategies for Schools

Christ Leonard talks with a mental health clinician who has effectively worked with students struggling with school avoidance. She offers advice and strategies schools can use to transition students back into the classroom.

A Proactive Approach to Preventing School Tragedies

Chris Leonard, clinical social worker talks with a New Jersey High School Principal about the proactive steps schools can take to prevent tragedies.

What is the School’s Role in Addressing Student Mental Health Issues?

Chris Leonard, clinical social worker shares some advice about the role of the school in addressing student mental health.

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