Jon S Brandt, Board Chairman, Mental Health Advocate

Earned Wisdom and Shared Strategy

Jon S. Brandt became a trusted member of our Board in 2011 and currently serves as Board Chairman, bringing his extensive experience and strategic guidance to Sage Day Schools and Sage Thrive’s school-based therapeutic services. Coming from Founder and CEO positions in healthcare organizations and business ventures, Jon was personally inspired to bring his focus and dedication to our educational and student mental health programs.

As Jon puts it, “I was so impressed with their care and appreciation for the Sage Day team of administrators, teachers and therapists…the Sage team’s dedication to the mission, their special attention to every student, and their expectation that every family participates in the process…”

Sharing his entrepreneurial mentorship with the dedicated and passionate leaders of Sage is furthering their mission to support and empower students and families through these unique and effective educational environments and supportive in-district services.

An Innovative Entrepreneur

From the beginning of his career, Jon has demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit and drive. He has built companies from the ground up and brought innovative ideas to profitable businesses, leading them to expand their markets and achieve leadership status in their fields.

At the heart of these achievements is the core belief that successful businesses need innovative leadership and full team engagement to thrive. Jon’s empowering leadership style was honed through founding, building, and selling 3 successful companies.

  • In 1995 he founded a multi-location educational institute, Med Ed Inc.
  • Through 2009 he was the founder and CEO of National Healthcareer Association (NHA) which is the largest healthcare certification organization in the country.
  • He founded Momentus Ventures in 2010 and as CEO, Jon works with business leaders to take companies and innovative ideas to the next level of success.

Through his work with NHA Jon brought his vision of quality care to the allied healthcare educational sector to life as a profitable venture, certifying over 400,000 health care professionals at more than 2500 testing sites worldwide. At Momentus Ventures, Jon expanded the scope of those methods to a wide array of business models to demonstrate the power of focus, discipline, planning, and consistent execution to bring organizations to new heights.

As a seasoned leader and innovator, Jon is a driving force for the continual advancement of Sage Day Schools and in-district therapeutic services. He has a deep understanding of the value of commitment and full engagement for a comprehensive therapeutic school and our school-based mental health counseling programs.

Giving Back Through Leadership

Attending a Sage Day graduation in June 2010 was an inspiring experience for Jon, which directly led him to serving on the Board. Hearing the stories of the graduates and witnessing the way their lives were changed through their new-found abilities and confidence was deeply moving for him. He immediately knew he wanted to be one of the driving forces behind the Sage Day and Sage Thrive mission of student success.

Jon’s colleagues describe him as a fearless, creative, and inspiring mentor. They admire his business instinct and acumen, as well as his clarity of vision. All of these qualities empower and inform Sage Day Schools and in-district counseling services to reach even greater achievements in education, mental health support, and financial stability for our thriving organization.

As a leader, Jon demonstrates strong values and empathy in all his endeavors. He shares his experiences from the trenches and offers inspiration to students, staff, and business leaders alike. By fostering strong relationships and taking the time to understand the experiences of others, he has built an amazing track record of smart decisions, seized opportunities, and valued friendships that enrich our community.

Our District Programs

In 2008, a former director of special services at a Bergen County public school approached Sage to explore whether there might be a way of importing Sage Day’s in-depth therapeutic services from our private special education schools into a public school setting. We recognized two critical needs: supporting those students who were on the cusp of being placed out of district and providing a smooth transition for those students who were thriving out-of-district and could potentially transition back to district.