Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Sage Thrive do?

We partner with school districts to support the emotional well-being of students by providing the following services so students can thrive within district.

  • Individual Counseling 2x per week
  • Group Counseling 2x per week
  • Family Counseling 1x per week after school hours
  • Professional Development for Staff
  • Suicide Risk Assessment Screenings On Site
  • Asses Students Who Can Remain In-District
  • Assess Students Who Can Return To District
  • Decrease Caseload For Child Study Team Members
  • Educate and support parents
  • Ensure compliance with state guidelines
  • Reduce legal fees and staff time by having the right supports in place
  • Pay attention to the “silent” students who need extra support
  • Data collection/progress reports showing evidence of success
  • Create a stigma free and safe environment for students to thrive
  • Classroom Observations-Feedback from the observations can be utilized to facilitate individualized success strategies for the student in the classroom.
  • Work collaboratively with our district partners to ensure students’ wellness
  • Parent/Guardian psychoeducation groups

2. Why would we partner with Sage Thrive rather than hiring within?

Commonly, schools will say “ we already have a child study team in place who can offer student support and we can always just add another therapist to our staff if needed.” The problem with this is that on every child study team, case managers are wearing many hats that take away from meeting all of the emotional needs of students experiencing issues. When Sage Thrive partners with your school, we bring a team of experienced support backing our Sage Certified Clinician™ who brings a different subset of skills into your district.

Additional benefits include:

-We Work outside the normal school hours>before/after school, evening hours and summer check-ins to provide family counseling (i.e. not restricted by union contract).

Sage Thrive clinicians can intensively work with both special ed and gen ed populations simultaneously (CST members typically cannot work with Gen Ed students). This flexibility can also prevent a need for classification of students as well as facilitate in the declassification of students.

-Quality Assurance and Supervision: The cases identified can be complex and need a well-trained and supervised clinician. Receive ongoing weekly on-site clinical supervision in addition to phone supervision anytime. This minimizes time that staff and administration need to be consulted so that they can focus on their roles and responsibilities

-Built-in clinical objectivity as a non-district employee that fosters trust and therapeutic relationships with students and families.

-Sage in-house resources for running a variety of process-based or curriculum-based groups (anxiety, anger management, social skills, bereavement, etc.) as well as professional development to meet the district’s needs.

3. What does a Sage Certified Clinician™ bring to your district?

Our Sage Certified Clinicians™ have completed an intensive and advanced Sage certification process which includes:

  • Obtaining the highest level of licensure commensurate with clinician’s graduate degree. (For example, if someone has an MSW, they will need to have obtained their LCSW.)
  • Possession of a school social worker or school counselor certification.
  • Significant experience working in a therapeutic school environment.
  • Completion of the required training modules for the certification.
  • Participation in weekly individual supervision, peer supervision and participation in case discussions is required.
  • Recommendation for Sage Certification by their direct supervisor.

4. How do we partner with Sage Thrive?

To partner with us, you can reach out to Director, Zachary Schwartz by phone or email to setup a meeting to learn more about how we can support you.

P: 201.776.6794 Web: