In this age of virtual connections, our need to experience real community may go unfulfilled. For students and educators, creating a safe and supportive environment is key to academic and social success. Attempting to implement change without a strong foundation in place, may only increase tension, anxiety, and disruption for students trying to learn.

Connect with an Inspiring Mission

Our E-Book outlines the mission and core beliefs behind our school-based counseling and staff development programs. We believe in personal accountability, mutual respect, individual rights, personal integrity, and an appropriate balance between independence and participation in the community.

In support of our mission we have developed 5 rules to limit negative behaviors, and 5 positive corollaries which have developed into our Five Paths to a Successful Community. By clearly defining what we expect on both the limiting and empowering sides of behavior, we bring these paths to school districts as an actionable plan for change.

5 Paths to Build an Empowering Community

The Five Paths to a Successful Community, which is the foundation of a comprehensive therapeutic school, center around these beliefs:

l  Contribution to community eliminates scapegoating

l  Direct communication eliminates gossip

l  Collaboration skills prevent breaking group concentration

l  Speaking with respect eliminates rudeness

l  Focusing on self-improvement prevents put-downs

Broaden Understanding and Take Supportive Action

The details of implementing these in-district services and strategies are outlined in our E-Book with topics including:

l  Laying the Foundation for a Learning Community

l  Building Resilience: Getting Students Ready for the World

l  The Importance of Early Intervention

l  Therapeutic Education that Transforms

l  Therapeutic Depth: Reaching Beneath Symptoms with In-district Therapeutic Services

l  The Clinical Approach to Therapeutic Education that Transforms

l  Six Signs Your Student May Need a Therapeutic School

l  Support for Students and Parents, including Group Counseling and Individual Counseling

l  From Surviving to Thriving

l  Helping the School Avoidant Student

l  Preparing Students for Life after High School

l  Helping the Self-Injuring Child with School-Based Mental Health Counseling

l  How Schools can Support Transgender Students

l  Sage Thrive Therapeutic In-district Counseling Services

l  Six Benefits of Having a Sage Certified Clinician™ in Your School

l  Looking Ahead

Strengthen The Foundations That Support Advancement

Schools that take advantage of our school-based therapeutic services enhance their ability to challenge their students in meeting realistic and appropriate educational or social demands. They also provide the compassionate support needed to overcome their individual challenges. Supporting mental wellness and future success for your students starts with this strong foundation.

Being part of something important is inspiring to staff and students alike. Take the lead for your school and download this inspiring guide for strengthening community schools!

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