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In-District Mental Health Support Services

Public schools lack the resources and expertise to provide mental health support to the growing number of students who need help. Without that help, students are failing, teachers are overburdened, and districts face staggering out-of-district placement expenses.

Sage Thrive fills the gap, and saves districts money, by delivering therapeutic support within the school district. We provide comprehensive and customized mental health services that address the particular needs of the district and its students. Every school we serve benefits not only from the services of our embedded clinicians, but also from our expert supervision, collaborative case reviews, and training resources.

For students with emotional and psychological issues, school can be stressful. By working with our Sage Certified CliniciansTM, school districts can help students overcome their barriers to learning and reach their potential. Students learn to cope with depression, anxiety, school phobia, and suicidal thoughts. And, they can stay where they belong, in their own school district.

Why Choose Sage Thrive?

Schools throughout New Jersey work with Sage Thrive because our program is:


  • Sage Thrive’s school-based therapeutic services are designed to help public school students with a variety of mental health concerns.
  • In particular, we specialize in treating depression, anxiety disorders, school phobia and avoidance, suicide risks, and behavioral problems.
  • Our services include helping to manage family interventions and facilitate the home/school connection — critical components that overburdened school districts lack the resources to handle on their own.


  • At Sage Thrive, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all student mental health support.
  • We customize our programs to best meet the requirements of each district.
  • District leaders can choose the types of services, number of clinicians, and professional development opportunities that work with your needs, budget, and school configuration.


  • Students with emotional and behavioral problems need individualized attention and a variety of treatment plans.
  • Support services can include individual counseling, small group counseling, family counseling, suicide risk assessment, crisis counseling, home visits, and classroom observation.
  • At Sage Thrive, we develop individual treatment plans around what your students, and their families, need most. And we regularly report on the progress each student makes.


  • At Sage Thrive, we hold our psychologists and counselors to the highest clinical, educational, and ethical standards.
  • Our Sage Certified CliniciansTM have completed an intensive certification process and hold the highest level of licensure commensurate with their graduate degree.
  • Our Clinical Director oversees the work of our clinical staff and provides continuous support and guidance.